Magnet Dogs and Catching Shy Dogs

 Magnet Dogs

Missing Pet Partnership successfully recovered a Bernese Mt. Dog named Sophie in 2008 that evaded capture for 7 weeks. This story is found on our web site at Finally, if you have a second dog who your missing dog is familiar and friendly with, take that dog with you but keep him on a long leash. If you come across your panicked lost dog, it is very possible that you can use your friendly happy dog to attract and capture the panicked dog. Missing Pet Partnership has used this technique of a “magnet dog” along with a device called a “Snappy Snare” to capture panicked dogs. You can read about one of these cases where we caught a dog named MoMo with a magnet dog and Snappy Snare at and another capture of a dog named Mack We HIGHLY recommend that you read all of these cases to learn more about panicked dog behaviors.

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