Pet Loss Support

Even the most persistent and dedicated owner with the best advice and assistance available will not always be successful in finding their lost pet.  For those pet owners, all we can do is offer our sincerest condolences on the loss of your pet and hope you will take time to check out some of the links below.  They won’t bring back your pet, but they may help you cope.candle-1

The Candle Ceremony

Yes, it’s a bit corny, but we’ve found it very comforting.  You can join the online community and be part of the larger ceremony that takes place every Monday night at 9 pm Central Time.  Or you can do the ceremony yourself, alone, anytime.  It’s totally up to you.  Get the details here.

Grief Counseling

The SPCA of Texas offers a group Pet Grief Counseling program twice a month that offers comfort, guidance and support as well as tools that can help facilitate grief recovery. For more information check the Events calendar on the SPCA of Texas website.

Sympathy Cards

Whether for you or someone you care about, pet sympathy cards can be an expression of comfort in times of loss.  American Greetings provides free, printable pet sympathy cards on their website. Sloppy Kiss Cards offers free email cards from their website.SympathyCards